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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

From 'The Indian's Side of the Indian Question' by William Barrows D.D., 1887 -
Greed for Indian lands, miserable white neighborhoods, and bass passion have been the constant enemy of Indian elevation, and have often added to his barbarism and profligacy. Moreover, the average sentiment west of the Mississippi concerning the Indian is that he is a worthless remnant of his race, and incapable of elevation to the average American grade; and it is no harsh judgment to express that the two-thirds of our domain thus indicated would greatly prefer a civil and moral quarantine between them and an Indian community - the breadth of a State or Territory. This is the gentler way with some of saying that the best Indian is a dead Indian. I once saw an unpopular candidate carry, as with a whirlwind, a doubtful campaign in Colorado, under the popular war-cry, "The Ute must go!".....
Our failures in the Indian policies for a century have not come so much from the lack of fair legislation. .... The ends sought by the law have not been desired in those sections of the country where the law must be administered, and by the people who must administer it.


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