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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Horatio Nelson was born this day in 1758, at Burnham Thorpe parsonage, Norfolk, England.
From Carola Oman, prize-winning author of 'Nelson' (1947) -

It is the curious truth that many of the facts most widely known in connection with Nelson are partly, or wholly, mistaken. Nelson lost the sight of his right eye amongst the mountains of Corsica, not at sea, and he never lost the eye and never wore a patch over it; though he sometimes wore a green shade to protect his 'good' eye.
He next lost his right arm, but not in one of his spectacular victories, and again not at sea, but before he had fought the Nile, Copenhagen or Trafalgar. [At Santa Cruz, 1797]
He was unemployed from the age of twenty-seven until he was thirty-two. He first met Lady Hamilton for a few hours when he was thirty-five, and not again until he was forty.


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