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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Argosy pilot
I've been dipping in to "The Romance of a Modern Airway" by Harry Harper, written in 1930 about the early days of Imperial Airways - forerunner of British Airways - when "express" airliners were bi-planes with 3 engines, had room for 18 passengers, and the pilot sat on the outside!
It's a fascinating time capsule. Expect me to quote small chunks from time to time.

Short S8 flying boatMeanwhile you might like to check out the very informative Art Deco site at Imperial Airways, where I was able to discover that the Short S8 Calcutta flying boat on the right was called "City of Athens" and was sold out of the company in 1937 - unlike some of the others that came to a sticky end.
The team running this site is trying to restore what's left of the last Handley Page HP42.


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