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Friday, September 09, 2005

Welcome to my first post. What can you expect from this blog? The title is your best clue. You might find a bias towards the Wairarapa region, north-east of Wellington, New Zealand, because that's where I live - but I'll try to keep it interesting.

I went to a book launch last weekend. "Ketchil: A New Zealand pilot's war in Asia and the Pacific" was written by Neil Frances and follows the WWII exploits of a local man, Vic Bargh. The venue couldn't have been better - Hanger 14 at Hood Aerodrome. We were surrounded by the aircraft collection of the Old Stick and Rudder Company, including a Chance Vaught Corsair - the last aircraft type (of 17) flown by Vic.
Neil surprised Vic by presenting him with a 1/48th scale model of his old Brewster Buffalo made, and donated, by Garth Didlick of Oregon. The gift was a well kept secret and arrived from America only 2 days before the launch.
Why Ketchil? That was a name given to Vic by his fellow pilots. It's a corruption of a Malayan word meaning small - he was the smallest man in the squadron.

The book is published by the Wairarapa Archive and you can see more photos of the launch party on my Flickr page.


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