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I survived school history despite the best efforts of the education system to bore me to death. Many years later, I discovered Treaties, dates, the movement of nations, are mere context. The fascination is in the details.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

World's biggest surfboard?
On or about 10th September 1865, the 26 ton schooner "Midas" was caught in a storm and driven on to a reef at Flat Point on the Wairarapa coast. At dawn, with the masts carried away and the vessel pounded by surf, all seemed lost. Then the complete deck broke away from the hull and Capt McTaggert and his crew were safely swept ashore. Is this a contender for the Guiness Book of Records?

A new book released this week - "Hell or High Water: New Zealand Merchant Seafarers Remember the War" by Neill Atkinson. More details at the excellent NZHistory site.


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