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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fairy tales #2 - The formidable Mrs Alec-Tweedie, travel-writer, ardent monarchist and British to the core, wrote this in 1926 -

"The Republics of the Americas, China, France, and Russia can teach us little. It is we who can teach them the laws of just government. Do not let us slip back from our pedestal. For centuries the British nation has led the world. We must lead it still.
Republics are always more or less corrupt. They cannot help it. Constant change means constant upheaval and the top man putting all his own friends into office to support him, until another top man comes along and kicks him and all his minions out - and the same begins again, to last for another four years. The first year the President is learning his job, the second and third year he becomes useful, and the fourth he is sterile, afraid to offend anyone or anything while he nurses his seat, hoping to get in again. The greatest achievements have been attained under monarchs."
('An Adventurous Journey')

Monarchs who have Prime Ministers who stand for election, bring in their friends, are useful for a time, then become sterile, afraid to offend.......


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