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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Footnote to my last post - The original purpose of the Dardanelles campaign, If I remember correctly, was for the British Empire troops to advance from the Gallipoli beachheads, driving the inferior Turkish army before them, and capture the guns guarding the sea approaches to Constantinople/Istanbul.
Instead, the might of the Empire was pinned down on the beaches for nine months, culminating in a gradual retreat spread over ten nights. An abject failure by any measurement? Not according to Commander-in-Chief Sir Charles Monro who wrote this on 21st December 1915 -

"During the past months the troops of Great Britain and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Newfoundland and India, fighting side by side, have invariably proved their superiority over the enemy, have contained the best fighting troops in the Ottoman army in their front, and have prevented the Germans from employing their Turkish allies against us elsewhere."

Spin, propaganda, or self-delusion?


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