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Monday, January 30, 2006

Religious Observations 2
from John Logan Campbell in his book 'Poenamo' (1881)

The early missionaries who came in contact with the Maori race (with one or two bright exceptions, whom I delight to honour) were not men who could command respect or even cope with the "savage faculty" in intellect. I wish not to be misunderstood in the remarks I am about to pass (made in sorrow, not ridicule) on the humble but brave men who went with their lives in their hands to live amid a savage but highly-intellectual race to convert them to religion and teach them a trade. It was a fatal error to suppose that men with this double qualification would prove the right men in the right place amongst such a highly intelligent race as the Maories. ....
.... When respect for mental capacity of the teacher is wanting, small is the effect of the doctrines inculcated, in the mind of the taught. ....
.... Oh! ye Foreign Missions that only make your heathen change one form of incantation for another, and that so miserably fail to imbue your converts with any true idea of the guiding principle of Christian faith, I pray ye stay at home.


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