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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Religious Observations
from Mrs. Alec-Tweedie in her book 'An Adventurous Journey' (1926)

As one knocks about the world and sees and hears things one becomes more and more convinced that every land must run its own religion. Religion is born inside. It takes many forms; but religion is there, and each country has evolved its own means of expression - the expression best suited to its national idiosyncrasies, its climate and its circumstances.
To interfere with other people's religion is mistaken zeal......
.....In China each person has ten souls, by the way, although the more popular idea is confined to three. One remains on earth near his tomb, another wanders round the ancestral tablet, and the third goes to heaven, or enters another body. It would do Europe a vast amount of good if she imbibed a few axioms from China. Interchange of ideas is good for all of us, and for all lands. China may have too much ancestor worship: we have too little; except among those who have no ancestors to be proud of - and buy them on canvas.


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