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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Adolescent Mind
from 'Youth, Its Education and Hygiene' (1907)
by Dr. G. Stanley Hall.

In regard to the faults, lies and crimes of children, the greatest fact we learn is that to collect masses of children and cram them with unassimilated facts is not education, and that youthful crime is an expression of educational failure.
Educators have, no doubt, vastly over-estimated the moral efficiency of the three R's, and have forgotten that character in infancy is all instinct; that in childhood it is slowly made over into habits; while at adolescence, more than at any other period of life, it can be cultivated through ideals.
Although pedagogues make vast claims for the moralising effect of schooling, I cannot find a single criminologist who is satisfied with the modern school, while most bring the severest indictments against it for the blind and ignorant assumption that the three R's, or any merely intellectual training, can moralise.


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