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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Captain James Cook and the crew of H.M.S. Resolution spent 15th March 1774 observing Easter Island and its inhabitants.
"As to the people, they were certainly of the same race as the New Zealanders and the other islanders, 'the affinity of the Language, Colour and some of thier customs all tend to prove it'; of moderate stature, slender, nimble, active, pleasant-featured, hospitable, thievish. ....
Of government or religion Cook could not speak. There were certainly 'arreeke', or chiefs, and one who was said to be chief of the whole island. 'The Stupendous stone statues errected in different places along the Coast are certainly no representation of any Deity or place of worship; but most probable Burial Places for certain Tribes or Families.' "
The Life of Captain James Cook, J.C. Beaglehole, 1974.

According to new research, previously held beliefs about the rise and fall of Easter Island culture could be wrong.


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